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NEW RONDO makes hearing more intuitive, like hearing without hearing aids.

Jean N. 58 years old, Craftsman, Switzerland.
Wears RONDOs since 2 years.

This man has already expressed verbally his enthusiast, mentioning all the various properties of the RONDO which offers a great improvement of the quality of his life.

John S. 60 years old, Manager, England.
Wears RONDOs since 2 years.

" My experience with the Rondos are, overall, very good. The acoustic results are superb and the main reason for wearing them. I still only wear them in the company of friends, colleagues and at home because they can attract some attention amongst strangers in a public place. This is often a good introduction to people but sometimes unwelcome when I am in a hurry.
Because my hearing loss is not so very great, I balance between the slight inconvenience in wearing them and the circumstances when I need near perfect hearing that they afford. For example, meetings, discussion groups etc. "

Charly A. 78 years old, Dr. Physisist, Switzerland / USA
Wears RONDOs since ½ year.

" Les RONDOs que vous m'avez livrés l'été dernier fonctionnent toujours parfaitement. J'en porte au moins un (dans mon oreille droite qui est faible) chaque jour. Je recharge les piles de temps en temps et n'ai jamais dû les changer. Le son est excellent et, surtout, il me permet de comprendre mes interlocuteurs sans peine.
Ce que j'avais cru être une panne n'était en fait qu'une fermeture de mon conduit auditif, qui est courbe et se bouche dès qu'il est trop humide. Chose curieuse, cet accident ne m'est plus arrivé depuis et il semble que l'emploi du RONDO ait suffisamment élargi le conduit pour l'empêcher de se boucher. "

Cheryl W. ~ 60 years old, USA.
New equipment.

" I received the Rondos this afternoon in good condition. I read through the booklet and am wearing them now. So far, they seem comfortable and am hearing well. "

" It (piano play) sounds the way I dream music sounds, but haven't had heard in a long time. "

" I am very pleased with the quality of sound in my Rondos. It is great to listen to music with them. I also like the "surround sound" effect that the more realistic directionality provides. I have worn them outdoors a few times and I like hearing more sounds, street and sidewalk noises, especially since those sounds are not as harsh or grating as they would be with my current aids
The Rondos are comfortable to wear, except that the clip does begin to hurt after a few hours. I have learned how to put them in with the larger earpiece and it seems to be working well for me. The aids did not feel stable when I tried the smaller earpieces.
I do not yet feel comfortable wearing them in social circumstances. I actually don't think they look bad, but I do feel self-conscious. I will keep sending updates. "

Ken N. 76 years old, famous painter, USA
New equipment.

Ken N. is now very happy with his Rondos, after careful adjustment of the volume for max level. Pictures of him smiling are rare.



Actually in development:

- Ototester
- Otocal
- The future programmable universal RONDO with new look and unique facility of 10 hours daily use during two month without battery replacement nor recharge.