The matter of Batteries supplying Hearing Aids
The RONDO Hearing Aid is powered electrically by a built-in Lithium Battery Type CR2032, available everywhere as being used universally in many common devices (cameras, camcorders, clocks, timers, etc.) The expected operation time is approx. 200 hours, meaning an average use of 3 weeks, and an estimated battery cost of 60 $ per year for a pair of RONDOs, much lower than the battery costs for digital H.-A.
Another decisive characteristic of the Lithium battery is its extraordinary long life (10 years) when not used, on the contrary of the "zinc-air" battery type supplying all the digital H.-A. and which suffers from a fast (some weeks) self-discharge once energized.

With the possibility of replacing the CR2032 Lithium battery by a compatible special Lithium rechargeable accumulator permanently installed in the RONDO for a couple of years, the battery costs decreases drastically to less than a few $ per year, with the real advantages having no more the worry of replacing batteries!

OTOFILL hearing Aids charger

The OTOFILL is the charger for RONDO Hearing Aids. It can be connected to the line voltage (90-240VAC 50-60Hz) through an universal external power supply (2) or to the optional battery pack OTOBATT (3).

The RONDO operates correctly from 4 down to 1,8 Volts of the battery, which means a complete discharge. The gain is steady (+/- 0,5 dB), but the max. sound output decreases : this means that very loud sounds which are correctly compressed/limited down to 2,6 Volts, are more and more clipped by lower battery voltage, which is of no importance for average sound levels like by normal talk. This " clipping " is a sign of the " end " of the battery, but with anyway many more hours reserve. With the accumulator, this will be even better, as when you recharge overnight, the voltage is always high, for permanent perfect acoustical performances. One must be aware that the capacity of the accumulator (65 mAh) is lower than that of the battery (230 mAh) so that it may give some 50 hours operation with a full charge (contra some 200 hours with the battery) We advise to recharge every night (a few hours are sufficient) for obtaining the maximum number of cycles of the accumulator (possibly 400 to 1200, = 1 to 3 years) The replacement against a new accumulator is exactly so simple as the simple battery exchange. Don't recharge if a CR2032 battery is installed in the RONDO!

OTOFILL & Supply Specifications:

Size : 72 x 50 x 30 mm
Electrical Adapter : supply input: 90 to 240 VAC, Output: 6 VDC
Average charge time : a few hours, as long as the ML2032 is partially
discharged. For example after one day (12 hours) use of the RONDOs.



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